Group photo
Pictured from left to right: Lauren Taylor, Student; Danielle Mauragis, Radiology Technician; Mariko Agena, Student; Nicky Diaz, Student.

Dear CVM Friends and Classmates,

“And what else?”  Many of us may recall hearing those words from Dr. Norman Ackerman as we searched for just one more differential diagnosis in radiology rounds at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.  The radiology skills we learned at UF CVM influence all of us in our professional work.  Some of us were even inspired to pursue advanced training and careers in veterinary radiology.

Even if you never met Dr. Norman Ackerman or attended one of his classes, you likely have benefited from his many contributions to the veterinary scientific literature.  Dr. Norman Ackerman, who taught radiology to CVM students for 15 years from 1979 to 1994, loved learning and teaching.

You are invited to go online and challenge your diagnostic imaging interpretation skills in the new Norman Ackerman Diagnostic Imaging Case Challenge, which is the online version of the new touch screen display in the busy UFCVM Hospital.  This touch display, routinely updated by current UFCVM radiology faculty and radiology residents, allows UFCVM students, faculty and staff a chance to test their interpretation skills on interesting diagnostic imaging cases.

There is an opportunity for you to recognize the contributions of Dr. Normal Ackerman and support education in Diagnostic Imaging at UFCVM.  Sponsorship of the Norman Ackerman Diagnostic Imaging Case Challenge will directly support the Norman Ackerman Residency Scholarship, which is nearing endowment level. As an endowed scholarship, it will remain in perpetuity with the annual interest supporting radiology residency training.  Annual corporate sponsorships are available as well and will include a logo listing on the college display and online.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Norman Ackerman Memorial Fund.

To learn more about having your logo displayed on the web page and on the in house touch screen, contact Patricia Wlasuk, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, 352-294-4212.

Thank you for reading this and helping to continue the tradition of excellence in diagnostic imaging education, which was so important to Dr Ackerman.

Kindest regards,

Bill Adams (Class of 84)

Liz Watson (Class of 88)

Tod Drost (Class of 91)

Dave Reese (Class of 03)