7-Year-Old FS Domestic Short Haired Cat

Signalment & History

A 7 year old FS Domestic Short Haired Cat presented for a history of chronic pancreatitis and acute onset of vomiting.

Left lateral abdomen Right lateral abdomen VD abdomen


The left kidney is mildly small, measuring approximately 2.1 times the length of the L2 vertebral body on the ventrodorsal projection, and has irregular margins. The right kidney is within normal limits for size and margination; however, a less than 2 mm, angular mineral opacity is present within the right renal pelvis. Within the left mid-ventral abdomen, only seen on the lateral projections, there is an approximately 1.2 cm in diameter, round, faint mineral opacity, with a central lucent region. Heterogenous soft tissue to mineral opaque material is seen within several small intestinal segments. The small intestines are normal for size. Incidentally, only 6 lumbar vertebral bodies are present, and there are multiple fused sacral and caudal vertebral segments.


1. Chronic left renal disease, and possible right nephrolithiasis or diverticular mineralization.
2. Ventral abdominal Bates body (fat nodular necrosis).


Different than in dogs, previous researchers published in cats stated that the normal renal length ranges between 1.9-3.2 times the length of the body of the second lumbar vertebra (L2), which is measured on the ventrodorsal projection.

Focal mineralized circular to oval soft tissue nodule/mass, with eggshell-like rim, can be found in the abdomen, not associated with any organ. These focal lesions are not common, however it is more frequently seen in cats than dogs. These are usually known as Bates bodies or fat nodular necrosis. Their etiology is unknown, but it is likely to be related to dystrophic mineralization of necrotic mesenteric fat, secondary to inflammation or ischemia. These are considered incidental findings


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