6-Month-Old MI German Shepherd Dog

Signalment & History

A 6 month old male intact German Shepherd Dog presents for acute lameness of the right pelvic limb after jumping out of the owner’s vehicle.



  • A well-defined, sharply marginated fracture line is seen extending from the caudal distal femoral metaphyseal cortex to the level of the distal femoral physis. There is a mild caudoproximal displacement of the distal femoral fragment.
  • The soft tissues surrounding the fracture site are moderately thickened. There is a mild to moderate increase in soft tissue opacity noted within the stifle joint.
  • Multiple open physes are identified, consistent with the age of the patient.


  • Acute, right distal femoral Salter-Harris type II fracture with associated regional hemorrhage and/or edema and mild to moderate joint effusion.


Salter-Harris Fractures

  • The cartilaginous growth plate (physis) is responsible for increases in bone length during growth
  • The physis is the weakest part of the bone while open and is predisposed to fracture
  • A fracture of the physis is named based on the Salter-Harris classification scheme
  • Prognosis worsens as classification grade increases

 SHFx Types